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About Me

As an expanding podcast company, you’re juggling multiple clients and multiple series, whilst at the same time pitching for more work. You want to increase clients without sacrificing the professional quality which you’ve built your business on. You’re pressed for time and you’d like to create more space in your schedule.

Employing a sound editor is an investment in your business. It will enable you to grow your business because you’ll have more time to market yourself, enhance your brand by applying a consistent standard across your podcasts, and allow you to take a strategic overview of your podcasts rather than getting bogged down in the technical details. 

With over 5 years of experience, I’m well placed to help with your production needs. I’ve worked with dedicated industry professionals to deliver high quality podcast series in a variety of formats, from individual speakers to one-on-one interviews and shows involving multiple panellists.  

Previous clients have said that I’ve helped them to deliver products on time and on budget, elevate their series to a professional standard, and saved them hours of time. 

Background and Qualifications

Having originally trained in the film industry, I was regularly left wondering why the sound department was either ignored or only included in conversations at the last minute. I spent a fair amount of time holding boom poles in bushes, and decided it was time to move indoors. 

Whilst I enjoy working on location, I find that working with other audio professionals in the podcast industry utilises my skills to a much greater extent. I’m passionate about using sound to enhance the listeners experience, and to create immersive environments. 

I’m also an avid writer and creator. My current projects include several historical LGBTQ+ dramas, such as a dramatisation of the Trial of Joan of Arc, and a comedy focused on a 17th Century ‘Molly House’.  

BA in Film Production, University of Westminster, Majoring in Writing. (2019) 

Film Credits include School’s Out Forever (2021), Baby Gay (2022), Writer’s Retreat (2021)

Winner: 2nd in Brief for Wisdom Brief – Kodak Student Commercial Awards 2019